The HRM-Run heart rate monitor provides the most advanced running metrics to high-end Garmin Forerunner® running watches. The strap is seamlessly comfortable and easily adjustable while the module is small, lightweight and fits entirely within the width strap.
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HRM-Run provides 6 running dynamics metrics: Cadence — number of steps per minute Vertical oscillation — degree of ‘bounce’ in your running motion; displays the vertical motion of your torso, measured in centimeters for each step Ground contact time — amount of time in each step that you spend on the ground while running; measured in milliseconds Ground contact time balance — displays the left/right balance of your ground contact time while running (displays a percentage); for example, 53.2 with an arrow pointing left or right Stride length — length of your stride from 1 footfall to the next; measured in meters Vertical ratio — ratio of vertical oscillation to stride length (displays a percentage); a lower number typically indicates better running form This real-time data can help athletes take their performance to the next level by showing them where they can improve their running form.

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